About us

Business Link, a joint stock company for general business and IT consultancy, was founded on 3rd of December 1992 and represents almost the first local company in the field of consultancy, whose activity involves the provision of technical assistance in optimizing performance and user adaptation to intense changes in the business environment.

The company is an independent institution that does not belong to any commercial stakeholders, dealer networks or associations.

Experience, professionalism, quality  

Our expert knowledge in the areas of business such as management, marketing, organizational models, tender management, ICT and information systems, technology optimization for clients create the following portfolio:

  • Consulting services
  • Project management
  • Tender management
  • Event management

Business Link is using network of external consultants – experts from the ranks of university professors, independent analysts and other professional authorities.

Market position  

Our reference list includes large business systems, government bodies, financial institutions and companies from ICT sector (Government of Montenegro, Marfin Bank, T-Mobile Montenegro, Mercur, Eurobank EFG, Customs Administration of Montenegro, Telenor Serbia, Secretariat for development of Montenegro, FAM, Montenegro Post, Podgoricka Bank, Komercijalna Bank, Telenor Montenegro…)

Our Company constantly follows market trends and innovations in business optimization, which, along with extensive knowledge of ICT and modern business methodology, provides the basis for top consultancy services.

Business Link, together with the Government of Montenegro, is the founder of the leading regional ICT event – Festival of Information Technology Achievements – INFOFEST, (www.infofest.com), which for twenty two years is held in Montenegro. From 2009, Business Link organizes FREI, (www.freitime.com), thematic and selective conference on the topics of investment and development of real estate sector. The company has successfully organized number of other thematic events.

Company has a controlling stake in two specialized firms, which increases its business flexibility.